Department Faculty 




    Amy Danos


    Degree(s): Bachelor of Science; Master of Arts in Science Education
    Award(s): Radio Shack Outstanding Teacher Award: 1999-2000






    Jennifer Sax Duran


    Degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Biology; Concentration in Secondary Education; Masters of Science in General Biology
    Award(s): ETS Recognition of Excellence for Principles of Learning and Teaching: Grades 7-12





    Genia Roper


    Degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Biology; Minor in Chemistry





    Bethany Lescale


    Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts in Psychology; Masters of Education in Counseling Education





    Amy Morriss


    Degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Physics





    Rachel Lessig










The Science Department leads the students to develop analytical and experimental competencies that will enable them to comprehend, reason, and draw conclusions based on empirical evidence. These tools will facilitate the development of a personal philosophy that will enable the students to better understand the relationship of the human person to God and to His Creation. The Science Department seeks to meet the needs of each student with a program of studies that offers a variety of courses providing science literacy, college preparation, and the challenge of college level with Advanced Placement (AP).


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