25 December, 13

Fantastic Friday

Academy of Our Lady recently held a Christmas Fantastic Friday Night.

Students from local schools joined Academy staff and students for an evening of music, games, crafts, cupcake decorating, and drama.  The evening culminated with a Christmas performance culminating with the Nativity.

 Courtney Roberts of Harvey (left) and Antoinette Berger of Terrytown (right)
welcome participants with the school mascot, Penelope Penguin.

Camryn Breaux of St. Rosalie (left) receives help from Michelle Bird, Graphic Arts Teacher, while Amber Verdin of Visitation of Our Lady concentrates on making her Penguin Ornament.

Madison Dufrene of St. Anthony (left) and Lindsey Floyd of Immaculate Conception (right), create a Poinsettia with Cristina Couri, Spanish Teacher. 

The Penguins try to escape from the zoo!  Left to right:  Mindy Harlow of Immaculate Conception,
Academy student Rebecca Ortega of Harvey, Anna Briscoe of Fisher Middle,
and Katie Harlow of Immaculate Conception.

The true meaning of the Christmas season is depicted in the presentation of the Nativity.  Left to right:  Kayla Hebert of Our Lady of Prompt Succor, Taylor Hamback, of Our Lady of Prompt Succor, Starla Aguilar of Immaculate Conception, Allie Briscoe of Fisher Middle, and Laruen Hezeau, of St. Cletus.

Mindy Parker of Marrero, teaches (left to right )Jordyn Walter of Visitation of Our Lady, Kierstyn Nunez of Our Lady of Prompt Succor, and Marlyee Perry of Visitation of Our Lady the art of making a Christmas punch.

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