11 December, 13

Teachers Visit Construction Site

Teachers, administrators, and architects arrive at the site of the Administration building to throw medals into the concrete slab. Left to right:  Bonnie Collins, Linda Tillis, Judy Baldassaro, Michele Coulon, Maryanne Paley, Dr. Vanessa Blanchard, Mary Gauthier, Lesley Babcock, Deborah Vachetta, Connie Billedeau of Burgdahl and Graves, Sr. Michelle Geiger, Principal, Teri Verret, Craig Kirtland.

Sr. Michelle Geiger, Academy of Our Lady Principal, leads the teachers, architects, and administrators in a prayer of blessing as medals are thrown into the cement slab of the Administration building. Left to right:  Judy Baldassaro, Maryanne Paley, Libby Kapinus, Amy Danos, Doris Bridges, June Buckley, Lesley Babcock, Deborah Vachetta, Mary Gauthier, Connie Billedeau of Burgdahl and Graves, Sr. Michelle Geiger, Dr. Vanessa Blanchard.






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