1 November, 13

Students Tapped for National Honor Society

Academy of Our Lady recently held its National Honor Society (NHS) Tapping at the school.

Newly tapped members of the National Honor Society:

Back row left to right:  Sara LeBlanc, Mary Hickman, Kayla Bell, Kaylee Dufrene, Amber Dang,
Amber Bankston, Brittany Robichaux, Kayla School.  

Front row left to right:  Noelle Bui, Jade Duthu, Courtney Roberts, Gabrielle Dauzat, Nicolette Poore',
Mindy Parker, Brooke Juneau, Kourtney Weaver, Gabrielle Lambourg.

Brooke Juneau and her mom Candice, of Gretna, after the ceremony.

 Denise Parker with her daughter Mindy and Kayla Bell with her mom Jennifer celebrate after the tapping.

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