7 May, 13

2013 Scholarship Winners

Academy of Our Lady Welcomes New Students and Awards Scholarships

            Over 350 future parents, students and family members attended the presentation that culminated in the awarding of scholarships.

            Eighteen incoming 8th graders received the Catholic Education Grant.  This grant designed to recognize students and families who have shown a dedication to Catholic education.  It was created to help facilitate a smooth financial transition from middle school to high school for incoming 8th graders.  The grant is $1,000 for one year.

            The Salesian Spirit Scholarship was awarded to eight incoming eighth graders or freshmen.  This $500 scholarship is awarded to the student who exemplifies Catholic values and embodies the Salesian qualities of spirituality, service, joy, and optimism.  Each recipient is chosen by the current middle school principal.



Eight young women were awarded the Bosco Leadership Award.  This $500 award is awarded to students who are leaders within their community as well as in their elementary or middle school.

            The Auxilium (Latin for Helper) Service Award honors students who are committed to providing service and helping others within their community.  This $500 award was given to six incoming students.

            Academic Scholarships were awarded to four students who met or exceeded criteria based on standardized test scores, grade point average, and conduct. The Eighth Grade Honor Scholarship is for $3,500 for the eighth grade year; the Freshman Merit Scholarship is for $500 for four years; the Freshman Academic Scholarship is $2,000 for four years; and the Fiat Voluntas Tua (Latin for Thy Will be Done) Honor Scholarship is $3,500 for four years.






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