11 March, 13

Students place at Science Olympiad

Academy of Our Lady students placed 4th at the Science Olympiad held at Nicholls State University, March 2, 2013.

The junior team won 1 gold, 4 silver, and 3 bronze medals.  The senior team won 1 gold, 5 silver, and 2 bronze medals.

“Participation in the Science Olympiad takes Science to a whole new level,” states Pauline Tu, a junior, from Harvey. “You experience different aspects of Science in a way that is fun,” she concludes.

Gold medal winners Kathy Le, and Clara Bausa, both from Marrero, won the Disease Detectives category.  Kayla Scholl, Marrero, and Holly Casso, Lafitte, won first in the Dynamic Planet category.

Silver medal winners on the senior team include Pauline Tu and Kathy Le in Anatomy; Sharon Luc, Marrero, and Madeleine Fettet, Harvey, in Dynamic Planet; Lauren Barrios, Gretna and Vivien Cu, Marrero, in Elastic Launched Glider; Lea Williamson, Marrero, and Emily Oncale in Forensics; Kathy Le and Sharon Luc in Designer Genes.

Silver medal winners in the junior team include Holly Casso and Marlee Bridges, Marrero, in Helicopters; Emily Hill, Westwego, and Jade Duthu, Marrero, in Experimental Design; Courtney Roberts, Harvey, and Kayla School in Food Science; Jade Duthu and Emily Hill in Mousetrap Car.

Bronze medal winners in the senior team include Leah Williamson and Emily Oncale, Write It/Do It; Clara Bausa and Ashley Aucoin, Avondale, in Technical Problem Solving.

Bronze medal winners in the junior team include Emily Hill and Courtney Roberts in Crime Busters; Jade Duthu in Forestry; Holly Casso and Marlee Brides in Meteorology.

“Everyone at the Science Olympiad is at your level or above, so it challenges you to raise the bar,” states Emily Oncale, a sophomore from Marrero.  Meghan Kenyon, a junior from Marrero, sums it all up:  “I love Science!”


Senior Team


Junior Team

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